About Us

We are a team of Open Source freaks. We use open source software for both our personal and professional life; From Scribus and Inkscape for our design projects, Vim, Bash and SSH when we work on our servers, to Diaspora, [matrix] and Nextcloud for our social platforms.
We owe a lot to all those developers that put time and resources into making quality tools for us to use.

We also like designing and making things and we like wearing clothes that show all this.. apt-get shirt is a chance for us to support our favorite projects, not only with a financial donation, but with a uniquely designed merchandise that can be paraded proudly. We hope you will feel the same and would like to wear our T-shirts too. From every T-shirt you buy we will donate 50% of the proceedings to that same project it represents.

Responsible and unique

We take our T-shirts seriously. We will use high quality sustainable garments from fair sources, printed with Eco-friendly biodegradable inks. We hope we can minimize the damage to the planet and to society by choosing this path. And of course the designs are as important. Our designs are unique and take into consideration each project and its specific characteristics.

Not Only Shirts

T-shirts were only the beginning. As for now apt-get shirt is also making 3D-printed mobile stands from recycled car-dashboard ABS plastic, and more gadgets are in prototype stage. We produce as much as we can ourselves, this helps us support small projects where there is no requirement for large bulk orders.